Deganya Alef - 1934 - 'א הינגד ץוביק

.ןייד השמ דלונ םג הבו 1910 תנשב הדסונ "תוצובקה םא" איה 'א הינגד
.תרנכהמ ןדריה רהנ אצומ דיל ןכוש ץוביקה

As it was in 1934, near where the Jordan River flows out of Lake Kinneret (also called Sea of Galilee and Lake Tiberius), is em hakvutzot, "mother of the collective settlements", also known as Deganya Alef. Deganya Alef was founded in 1910 and was the birthplace of Moshe Dayan. Without further words..

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